This is where I’m curating a list of all the people, books, ideas etc. that I refer to in my posts. That which has made a difference to me and my life at some point or another.

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

Here goes:

Gregg Braden – mentioned in the post The Wonder Effect. Another post for Gregg will be coming soon.

Brene Brown – mentioned in The Neverending Story.

Zach Bush MD – mentioned in the post Stick in the Spokes. Another post for Zach will be coming soon.

Marielle Croft | Astrologer – mentioned in the post The Cloud of Unknowing.

Dr. Joe Dispenza – mentioned in the posts The Wonder Effect & The Cloud of Unknowing. Another post for Dr. Joe will be coming soon.

Wayne Dyer – mentioned in the post The Wonder Effect.

Pam Grout – mentioned in the post I, Wonder Craver.

Rich Roll – mentioned in the post Stick in the Spokes.

Denise Sweeney-Zmetana | Tarot Card Reader – as mentioned in What are you doing right?


Hafiz – as mentioned in The Wonder Effect & Hafiz Quote.


Why Lying Broken In A Pile On Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea by Julie Peters

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the mentioned brands, individuals, products etc. I am not compensated to mention any of these things. If I do work with any brand etc and am compensated in any way I will fully disclose this information. All things that are in my posts and resources are things I have found some sort of value in. My intent is to share this knowledge because it’s made a difference in my life so maybe it will make a difference in yours.

Updated on July 10th, 2020