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The Wonder Effect

The purpose of this site, the essential reason that I’m here, is for me to introduce more wonder into my life. To prolong the wonder effect. To revel in it.

Truth be told, I’m a self-proclaimed wonder addict.

I do understand though that life isn’t always full of wonder. It can sometimes be straight up crap. But I want to focus more on the good feels. Not to ignore the shit. It serves a purpose too. But I choose to choose wonder more often than not.  I’ve gotten in a bit of a rut feeling sorry for myself as late. I seem to be enduring an epic mid-life crisis that never seems to end so I’m hoping a steady dose of wonder will be the exact antidote I need to kick my crisis to the curb. And even if it doesn’t I don’t think my quest to bask in wonder will be in vain.

The one obvious way I intend to keep the wonder train going is this website. To write about my wonderings and also to post quotes. Short and sweet posts of what make me wonder and what I wonder at. Little reminders of wonderful things and perhaps even new ideas I’ve come across that strike a chord.

But I do have other things I do in my life to keep the wonder effect alive.

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Sign Language

In my post “I, Wonder Craver” I talk about how I asked the universe to give me a sign as to which name to choose for this website and how it actually answered me. At least I think it did. You can check it out here.

Asking for signs from the universe is incredibly subjective though, isn’t it? What you feel is a sign could be completely meaningless to someone else or you could read it completely wrong.

It’s an art. In requesting signs and in reading them. It’s a supposed feedback loop between you and something other than you. Something bigger. Call it what you want…God/the quantum field/the universe, it doesn’t matter. My go to name for it though is “universe”. And maybe it isn’t this field that even does the responding. Maybe it’s angels or ghosts or aliens or some other consciousness I have no idea about.

This sign language is a tricky business.

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0 In All Kinds Of Wondering

I, Wonder Craver

This is my first post ever and a very big deal for me. I’ve created a site from the blank page up without any tech expertise whatsoever and I’ve actually found the balls to start to share my writing and myself with the world. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this kind of excitement and pride and it feels downright amazing. Humble amazing if that makes any sense. I’m grateful to everyone who’s patiently helped me get here and know that I still have so much to learn about how all of this works so please bear with me as I grow this little corner of the internet.

Moving on 🙂

I feel like it makes sense to have my first post be about how I choose the name, “Wonder Craver” because it came about in a bit of a magical way.

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