Welcome to Wonder Craver!!!

A little about me:

Nickname is Aliholly. Short for Alison Holly  *  True Sagittarius who LOVES to travel. Virgo rising. Pisces moon  * Bubs lover. Of the champagne, cava, and prosecco variety. Don’t make me pick a favourite  *  Also dig IPA beer  *  Cheese addict  *  Hugger of trees  *  Take things to the gutter. A lot  *  Have a serious soft spot for the 80’s  *  Love to be spit on by a shaman. For cleansing purposes of course  *  Have VERY expensive taste in French skin care and Italian scarves  *  Screenwriter

About Wonder Craver:

I believe that there’s so much more to life then what meets the eye. That there are so many truths about being human that we aren’t aware of. Basically I believe that life is way more magical than we could ever imagine.

Wonder Craver is where I wonder about what the heck this life is all about. Where I’m in a state of wonder, in awe of it all. I ponder all matter of things that help deepen my understanding of who I am, who we are, and the truth about the world we find ourselves living in. No subject is too trivial or too complicated. I’m open to learning more about faeries as much as quantum physics. My goal is to just keep asking questions and exploring ways to understand my life in order to live it more meaningfully and more fully.

May the personal experiences and discoveries that I share help you to learn about new ways of understanding your own life. May what I share inspire you to ask your own questions and find your own answers.