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Welcome to Wonder Craver!!!

About Me:

Nickname is Aliholly. Short for Alison Holly.

True Sagittarius who LOVES to travel. Usually to Ireland.

Bubs lover. Of the champagne, cava, and prosecco variety. Don’t make me pick a favorite.

Also dig IPA.

Cheese addict.

Hugger of trees.

Take things to the gutter. A lot.

Have a serious soft spot for the 80’s.

Love to be spit on by a shaman. For cleansing purposes of course.

Have VERY expensive taste in French skin care and Italian scarves.

I’m 44 years old and currently stuck in the middle of an extended remix of a mid-life crisis.

About Wonder Craver:

Wonder Craver is about wonder in both senses of the word – what I wonder about and what I wonder at.


I think way too much and love to ponder the shit out of things. I revel in the big questions of life like why I’m here, humanity’s true purpose, our true past, our collective potential. And I also ponder the more mundane things like why don’t people recycle more and why someone thinks that they become invisible when they’re in their car and it’s okay to pick their nose.

I wasn’t raised with any religion or belief to ascribe to and I think this has afforded me the ability to  have a buffet of religions and spiritual practices to choose from to define my life. I’m a spiritual mutt free make my own conclusions. I know a little about a lot and sometimes I think this is a good thing and sometimes not. I must emphasize though that I question things out of genuine curiosity and don’t mean to ever offend someone and what they believe. We each have the right to view our lives as we see fit. To give our own life it’s meaning. And the kicker is that no one knows anything for sure and to me this is the most important thing to remember.

Ultimately, I believe there’s so much more to life than what meets the eye. That life is far more beautiful and weird than we can imagine. I guess you could say my view on life includes a healthy sense of magical realism.


I also love being in a state of awe and try to feel it as much as possible.

I seek out experiences that I know will instill wonder. Like looking at hubble telescope pictures of our universe and the fact that there are at least 100 billion galaxies out there. Holy crap, that’s mind blowing!!! And what about Quantum Entanglement? I don’t even know where to start with that one.

I also relish the hits of wonder I get that I don’t solicit. Moments from out of the blue that stop me in my tracks and take my breath away.

The bottom line is when it comes to wonder I’m not picky. I’ll take it all. Like a proper addict would say.


All of my latest posts will be on my home page feed in the order that they are posted. And here’s how the rest of the site is broken down:

All Kinds Of Wondering is a collection of my posts covering all of my wonderings/ramblings. Check them out here.

Wonder Hits is where quick wee posts go. Little gems of what I’m wondering upon. Reminders of really cool stuff or maybe even new things that have tickled my wonder bone. Check them out here.

Recommends is where I post things that I’ve found that have brought value to me and made a difference in my life. I share them because I want to have other people love them as much as me.


For me, cultivating a sense of wonder is a way to give a deeper meaning to my life and to remind myself not to take life for granted. Wonder Craver is a place for me to practice wonder and to remind myself that magic abounds because that’s what I want my life to be all about. Cultivating a sense of wonder helps me to honor it all. The known and the unknown. The seen and unseen. It helps me grow my reverence muscles.

I’m here for me but if what I share here causes you to experience any form of wonder then I think that’s a pretty amazing side effect.

Here’s to spreading the wonder!!!